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Probe Standards (SCOPS) Subcommittee

TC-10 - Waveform Generation, Measurement & Analysis

The IEEE Std 1696-2013, “Standard for Terminologyand Test Methods for Circuit Probes”, provides test methods and describes transfer (artifact) standards for characterizing electrical circuit probes and probes systems. The systems may include waveform acquisition hardware and software and signal/waveform analysis software. The probe will include the mechanism by which the circuit is contacted.

The Std 1696 has been developed and is currently maintained by the Probe Standards Subcommittee.


    National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    TC-10 Subcommitee Chair, Pulse Techniques (SCOPT), Probe Standards (SCOPS) Subcommittee Chair; TC-41 Chair; Co-Chair, ADC 1241